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Mrs. Clarinda Hopkins » 2020-21 Open Disclosure Statement

2020-21 Open Disclosure Statement

Please sign, date, and return the top portion to Mrs. Hopkins.

_____    Yes, I have read and understand Mrs. Hopkins’ classroom rules, procedures, and grading/homework policies.



_____________________________________                             _________________________________________

Print student’s name                                                                           Parent/Guardian Signature and Date




                Welcome to my classroom!  I look forward to teaching your student!  This year, your third grader will be studying reading, math, language arts, science, social studies, phonics, art, P.E., music, computer use, cursive, and the writing process.



  1. Follow directions the first time.
  2. Turn in work on time.
  3. No swearing or teasing.
  4. Keep hands, feet, mouth, and objects to yourself.



  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Green card pulled = 10 minute loss of privilege activities.
  3. Yellow card pulled = 20 minute loss of privilege activities.
  4. Pink card pulled = 30 minute loss of privilege activities, parents/guardians contacted, meet with the principal, and go to ISS (In School Suspension).



  1. Reading Log – Your student needs to read for 20 minutes at home every school day and record it on a reading log.  Reading logs will be sent home each Thursday and need to be turned in on Wednesday of every school week.  The reading your student completes at home and records on his or her reading log is a calculated part of his or her reading grade. 
  2. Multiplication Minutes Log – Your student needs to practice his or her multiplication facts for 10 minutes at home everyday and record it on a multiplication minutes log.  Multiplication minutes log will be sent home each Thursday and need to be turned in on Wednesday of every school week.  The multiplication minutes your student completes at home and records on his or her multiplication minutes log is a calculated part of his or her math grade. 
  3. Spelling words – A spelling list will be sent home on Thursday of each school week.  Please have your student practice his or her spelling words daily.  Spelling tests are given on Wednesday of each school week.
  4. Students who do not finish their schoolwork during class time are expected to take it home and return it COMPLETED the following school day! 



  1. Late work will be accepted and assessed based on mastery/proficiency within the quarter term in which it was assigned.
  2. Late work will result in a 10% reduction in the overall score for that assignment.
  3. Work that is 1 day late will be lowered one letter grade.
  4. Work that is 2 days late or later will receive a 75% or lower grade.
  5. Work that is not turned in will receive a 0%, a failing grade.


Homework extensions will be given under the following circumstances:

  1. An excused absence (i.e. a note, e-mail, or phone call from parent/guardian)
  2. A situation where the student does not understand the assigned work and seeks assistance BEFORE the assignment is due.
  3. In each of these circumstances, the teacher will determine the assignment due date.


GRADES                              90-100%=A          80-89%=B            70-79%=C            60-69%=D            Below 59%=F

Grades for each subject will be determined by assignments/tests and total points earned.  You may regularly check your student’s progress and grades on Aspire SIS, Tooele County School District’s online grading program, at at any time.  I highly encourage you to regularly check your student’s progress and grades.  Grades are updated weekly as per district policy. 



  1. Your student will bring home a “Homework Folder” daily.  It will be used for transporting homework and information to and from school.  This folder needs to be returned every school day except Friday.
  2. Every Wednesday your student will bring home a “Wednesday Folder”.  It will contain all paper assignments that your student has completed throughout the school week.   Please take the time to look over each item and remove them from your student’s folder.  Then sign the folder on the parent/guardian signature line by the appropriate week’s date.  This signature indicates to me that you have seen and are aware of your student’s work and progress.  This folder needs to be returned every Thursday. 



Chromebooks for 3rd graders haven’t arrived yet.  When they do arrive, a charged Chromebook computer will be sent home with your student each Thursday afternoon.  Students won’t take charging cords home. However, Chromebooks can be charged using Android charging cords at home.   Chromebook usernames for students are first  Chromebook passwords for students are the year they graduate year from high school, the capitalized first initial of your student’s name, the lowercase last initial of your student’s name, and his or her lunch number. Your third grader will graduate in 2030.  Here’s an example for Pretend Student, 2030Ps123456.  Google Classroom uses the same login credentials as your school Chromebook.  Using the Chromebook, your student will be engaged in 2 hours of learning each Friday, 1 hour for English Language Arts and 1 hour for math.  Students may access and complete the work/assignments/videos anytime on Friday.  Office hours for my students will be held each Friday from 9:00-10:00 A.M.  During this time, I will be available to respond to student needs and questions through means such as e-mail, discussion boards, Zoom, or Google Meet. Remember Chromebooks are only to be used for school homework and assignments.  Please check the Chrome Book consent forms for more details. Chromebooks need to be returned to school every Monday.



Your student will be using and have access to the following technology accounts during the school year:

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Journeys (i.e. basal reading program)
  3. Envision Math (i.e. math program)
  4. Office 365
  5. Imagine Learning (i.e. reading supplemental program)
  6. Utah Compose (i.e. writing program)
  7. Class Dojo (i.e. communication program for parents/guardians & social/emotional learning for students)



  1. Every individual on school property, or on a school bus, must wear a face mask which covers the nose and mouth without openings that can be seen through, secures under the chin, and fits snugly against the sides of the nose and the face.
  2. No school supplies (i.e. pencils, crayons, scissors, markers, rulers, etc.) will be shared between students.
  3. No classroom volunteers will be allowed in school buildings for the 2020-21 year.
  4. Any birthday and/or party food items sent to school must come individually packaged in a sealed container that has been purchased from a store or bakery.
  5. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle that closes tightly from home.



Notice: The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis. Otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.

  1. 1 box of tissues
  2. 1 pair of earbuds or earphones for computer use
  3. Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% isopropyl alcohol



Third grade students will enter and exit the school from the same assigned door each day. That door is found on the east side, playground side, of the building. The 3rd grade door is the one that is furthest to the north on the playground side of the school.  Parents will be allowed to walk students to and from the door. Please remember to remain masked and social distance when walking to and from the back of the building with others who are doing the same.  The bell to line up is at 8:45 A.M.  School begins at 8:50 A.M. and ends at 3:35 P.M. 


Please be advised that other students will occasionally check your student’s in-class work.  All checked assignments will be reviewed by me, the teacher, and then given a grade.  Work that your student is proud of such as artwork, assignments, or writing may be displayed and hung in the classroom and hall.  If you do not want your student’s work displayed, please notify me in writing as soon as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.   Thank you!

                                                                                                    Mrs.  Clarinda Hopkins, M.Ed.

                                                                                                                Third Grade Teacher

                                                                                                                Northlake Elementary School


                                                                                                                (435) 833-1940 ext. 1627