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Ms. Roberts

Science Vocabulary--Rocks and Soils
1.  bedrock:  solid rock that lies underneath the subsoil that has not yet been broken down
2.  erosion:  the movement of rock fragments from one place to another
3.  freeze:  turn to ice
4.  igneous:  rocks that are formed when magma or melted rock from deep inside Earth, rises and cools
5.  metamorphic:  a rock that has been changed by heat and pressure
6.  minerals:  solid materials formed in nature that have a specific crystal structure
7.  non-living:  never lived
8.  nutrients:  substances that organisms need in order to survive and grow
9.  organisms:  living plant or animal life
10.  sedimentary:  rocks formed from sediments that have settled into layers
11.  soil profile:  a side view "slice" of the different layers of Earth
12.  structural support:  help to anchor a plant
13. subsoil:  the layer below the topsoil
14.  thaw:  melt
15.  topsoil:  the top layer of soil that contains living organisms and nonliving things
16.  weathering:  the breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces called sediments

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