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Links for research on state presentations
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Recent Posts

State Presentations Due May 14th - May 17th

Student state presentations are due May 14th.  Each student has had multiple opportunities to fill out a state packet and research their state on the internet.  They have each chosen a day to present to the class.  Due to the large number of reports and limited days available it is important that students come to school the day of their presentation.  
Presentations are to last from 3 to 5 minutes.  They need to cover specific items or at least know them for the presentation.  Handouts for everyone in class is a requirement as well.  I have sent home emails and notes to explain the handouts.  
I am so excited to see everyones final presentation and let them show off their stately knowledge!

Book reports

 Book reports are due 10 school days prior to the end of the first three terms.  Each book report needs to be different from the previous ones.  The attached document has ideas that a student can use or they can submit one of their own.