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Ms. Patti Foster » Ms. Foster's Third Grade Class

Ms. Foster's Third Grade Class

It's okay to not know 
But we will try anyway
It's okay to get frustrated
But we will push through and not give up
We will . . . work hard and do our best
We are . . .  the brightest and smartest
We will  . . . change the world!!!
Reading and math minutes are due on Monday.  Your child must read a total of 100 minutes each week.  Please remember to count the minutes it takes to read their nightly take home book.  These can and should be part of the 100 minutes.  It is your child's responsibility to practice our monthly multiplication facts for 50 minutes each week. Playing multiplication games online, flash cards, multiplication worksheets, and any other math games can be counted. Learning these multiplication facts are a critical piece in the Utah Common Core Curriculum for the third grade.  If your child hasn't turned in their weekly reading/math minutes or if they haven't met the required minutes then they will miss either Fun Friday and/or Encore for that week.